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Do you need quality care from a dependable water heater company? Then call the techs at On Call Water Heaters at (818)405-3603.

We offer all types of water heater services to make sure your house has a safe, efficient and reliable source of hot water. Contact our office for more information about our offerings or to schedule a convenient appointment with a professional.


Lets be honest, most reliable companies will do just about the same work.  We still want to stand out, but before we can show that, our customers value getting a fair, honest price.  That is why we keep it simple and competitive.  We don’t have the need to go to your home to convince you of our work, we are straight forward with proving a set cost over the phone and taking full responsibility of anything that should come up at our expense.  


Customers have given us great feedback to our method.  We believe this works, but we also love to meet at your residence if your job needs additional exposure. Tankless installations may require it, but most of all quotes can be done over the phone within minutes..


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