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Water heater installation consists of gas, electric, hybrid, heat pump, and power vented units.


We offer same day, fast and safe installations and provide the top models to select from. Wether your old water heater needs to be replaced or you want to upgrade, our team excels In water heater installations, conversions, and relocations.

24 Hour water heater repairs cannot be matched by any plumbers, we have parts for all water heater types accessible and available to get you hot water in no time.. Maintenance and service is very important In maintaining the efficiency and prolonging the lifetime. Companies do ot explain the care needed and avoiding proper service cannot be delayed

Tankless water heaters have become extremely popular and highly recommended for certain households.  We will gather information to see what suits your needs and if converting to tankless is the right choice for you.

Deals and Rebates  Check our the rebates So Cal Gas is offering. If youre are thinking of converting to a tankless you can get up to $1000 back.  The units we recommend will fall under that bracket.

Pumps and filters are not a required nor necessary in getting great use of your water heater, although certain households may benefit greatly from these additions.  Waiting for hot water can be frustrating and a waste of water, pumps solve that problem and get your water heated instantly, filters are beificial in most all cases, but even more to those who lack with proper maintenance.  This is the solution to preventing sediment buildup and other harmful chemicals from causing strain to the water heater.  Consider these options when getting a new system. 

Length of years of Warranty is covered through the manufacturer. Water heaters come with a standard 6 year warranty and can range to 9,10, and up to 12 years.  Our commitment to you on top of your manufacturers warranty is 1 full year of installation coverage directly through us. Please feel free to call us for help with any claims


You have enough things to worry about. With Fast, your properties’ water heaters won’t be one of them.


We have a dedicated Property Management Team whose mission is to ensure you get quick, professional, and guaranteed service. We’re always a phone call or email away!


We catalog all your water heaters’ information and keep meticulous records on service & replacement. This means you’ll rarely even think about water heaters.


Emergencies happen. With our service, you and your tenants have a direct line to us if they experience any issues. Just pick up the phone.


We value long-term relationships with our management partners, and with that you can always expect reduced rates.

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