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Best water heater filter Scale RX

Extend the life of your water heater without having to replace the filter. 12 years limited warranty.

Scale RX keeps your unit running efficiently and protects your water heater from lime-scale build up.  No need for batteries or power supply.  Scale RX uses a patented turbulent galvanic polarization electrode to distribute the formation of limescale crystals.

Pumps and filters are not a required nor necessary in getting great use of your water heater, although certain households may benefit greatly from these additions.  Waiting for hot water can be frustrating and a waste of water, pumps solve that problem and get your water heated instantly, filters are beificial in most all cases, but even more to those who lack with proper maintenance.  This is the solution to preventing sediment buildup and other harmful chemicals from causing strain to the water heater.  Consider these options when getting a new system. 

In a side by side comparison testing Scale RX was 4x more effective than the leading electronic scale device.  This system is easy to install and maintenance free. Scale RX does not restrict house-hold water pressure and works with any water heater.

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